Secret Garden Party

We’re thrilled to once again provide our Big Red Buses which operate from Huntingdon station to the site throughout the weekend.

Preferred travel methods are Big Green coach or train to Huntingdon then bus shuttle. In previous years station taxis standardised their fares so a seat in a shared taxi cost the same as a shuttle bus fare. This year taxi drivers will be required to charge what their meters say – up to £30 per car – so the recommended option is follow signs to the buses, which will run frequently and take you to the main pedestrian entry gate. The bus fare is £5 each way.

Secret Bus Shuttle from Huntingdon Station

(Festival gates open: 08.00 – 22.00)

Thursday 21st July

First bus: 11.00   Last bus:  21.20

Friday 22nd July

First bus: 08.30   Last bus:  21.20

Saturday 23rd July

No service

Secret Bus Shuttle from the Secret Garden

Sunday 24th July

First bus: 16.00   Last bus:  21.00

Monday 25th July

First bus: 08.30   Last bus:  13.30

(Campsite closes: 13.00)

Sunday service will be limited, buses leave site hourly on the hour (unless the weather is foul, in which case we’ll up the ante!).

Monday buses can’t start early because the station will be busy with its regular commuter traffic. A small number of you will have bought rail tickets that allow you to get away early. We have agreed with the station staff we will not drop passengers at the station without inspecting these tickets. So if you are in need of an earlier bus, please register your interest with bus shuttle staff and we’ll arrange an early bus. If there’s minimal demand I’m afraid you’ll have to take a taxi.

Frequency will be departures every 20 minutes or so every day except Sunday. We’ve plenty of capacity, so at worst you won’t have to wait more than half an hour.